Ages 14-38: Our Future Depends on You

Dear Millennials and Generation Y! I see you!

We need you to continue to prepare and position yourselves to make a difference in the path this country takes over the next 30-40 years.

We are hurting as a nation. We know that you have the power, youth, and strength to persevere through the emotional waves, find the cracked foundation of our nation, and use your technological, networking and communication skills to create a new foundation. This country’s foundation of faith, hope, and appreciation of differences needs to be renewed.

You will need to continue to sharpen the tools in your tool belt that create sustainability in your efforts: Empathy, Accountability, and Vision.


Not just having empathy, or showing empathy, but sharing the message of faith that we HAVE ALL THE PIECES that we need in order to heal. WE the PEOPLE, who by various means, some honorable, some dishonorable, some downright horrible, have found ourselves in this nation, in this season of TIME, TOGETHER. It is not by accident that we find ourselves in a place of extreme discomfort. We, the generations before you (in general and with some exceptions), have too long neglected to listen, acknowledge, and find compassion for those who were forgotten and those who have never been considered powerful enough to accommodate. These empowered voices will join with yours to become a harmonious chorus not a cacophony of complaints. You will listen, interpret correctly, and respond appropriately. As a result, the Heard will become hearers.


You will want to quit. You will get discouraged. You will wonder why people can be so mean, disinterested, and ruthless. You will need to be plugged in to the “courage dealers”, those who encourage and energize you when you get in the pit. These special ones among you will not be the same ones who beat the street, but they will be there like workers in the pit at an auto race. They are there not to run the race, but to fix you when you need to be fixed. They will hold you accountable for the miles that you are to tread between fixes. You will hold them accountable to be ready for new cars that hit the track. You will remind them to keep their supply of knowledge, passion, and discipline ready.


Your vision and personal mission will help you to determine your path when you come to forks in the road. As you are clocking miles on your journey, you will meet other people who are magnificent leaders. They may entice you to leave your path to join them. You are smart, creative, and talented. Who wouldn’t want you on their team? But you will know which offers to take by measuring each offer beside your vision. You will need to keep your personal mission and role in mind. Opportunities that align to your vision should also align to your personal mission. Stay focused. You can revise your mission later when you determine it is no longer the Greatest Area of Need.

Millennials, Gen-Yers, you have our full support! When we are fearful, educate us, comfort us, inform us, show us by example how it’s done. We will share our wisdom and experiences. Together we will make life better for all of us, one day, one challenge, one improvement at a time.

Sincerely and In Unity,

Generation X and Baby Boomers

Soulbalm Says

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The Value in Being a “Try-er”

Mini break (Thought during a recent license test):

If I’ve given anyone the impression that I think I’m the perfect or even close to great model of what an educator or parent should be, look more closely. Those who know me in person, you may laugh at that statement, knowing all too well.

I am one who is unafraid to take risks, to get messy, to completely screw up, to fall on my face and get back up again. I am not afraid to analyze and learn from my mistakes, to expose my flaws and weaknesses, and/or to be transparent in my shortcomings. Why? Because I’m an educator! I trust the spirit within me to be resilient.

If I won’t take risks, how can those who learn from me learn resilience. How does one understand resilience if one never is put on trial by fire, if one never allows oneself to cross the road because one is too much of a chicken!

If you are looking for an example of someone who is an expert at trying, look no further. Not only am I am expert at trying, I’m an expert now at learning to forgive myself quickly and move on immediately after self-reflection. I’m an expert at allowing those who are “try-ers” the space to grow without judgement, both peer and youth.

Are you an expert try-er? There’s still time to do something that you’ve always been afraid to do. If you need practice with courage, watch what happens when you allow others an opportunity to just BE around you. To fail, try, succeed, cry, learn to take wise risks around you. Once you see that glow, you will understand why being a “try-er” is where it’s at!

MAKE it a great day!!




A Job Interview With Parents Transformed My Career

A Job Interview With Parents Transformed My Career


by Joshua Pacos
Founding Principal, Rocketship DC

After spending the better part of the past decade teaching and working in charter schools in Washington D.C. and California, I thought I had it pretty well figured out. Then, while I was searching for a new public school leadership opportunity in 2014, I met four parents who – quite frankly – changed the course of my life and what I thought was possible in education.

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A Note to My Sons (and My Daughters)

Listen: Stop hating the police and start gaining knowledge about how to stop the system that perpetuate systemic racism and psychological warfare. These invisible enemies creates not only officers but regular people who are afraid of blacks, especially black men. That system builds hate and since we are in that system we, too, can be infected by hate, falling victim to self-hatred that manifests itself in so many harmful ways in our communities.

Hate diminishes your personal power. It is a disease like drug abuse and alcoholism, giving the hater a feeling of false security and power. You are better than that! It’s easy to hate, no effort required. The challenge I give you is to allow LOVE to restore 100% of your power and attraction. Love transforms people, situations, and things into better ones. Hate destroys the hater. Look, the more politicians and public figures speak and act in hateful and ignorant ways that breed hate, the more their followers become dependent on them like a sick drug.
 The more people hate the more they blame others for their problems rather than finding solutions within themselves and planting peace outside of themselves.
No one is perfect, but we can decrease the ignorance attracted to our lives by decreasing our fears (accepting what is, working towards true and sustainable solutions, and not stressing about what will be that’s outside of our control). Having said that, be sure that your actions always reflect how you want to be perceived. If you want to be perceived as a threat you will be. That attitude is a form of self-abuse, a manifestation of fear, or a protective reflex. It can mark you as having a victim mentality before you have said a word and will attract predators to you. It is the “invisible sign” on your forehead. Don’t allow you or anyone else to make you act as a perceived threat. You’re better than that!
Come look into my eyes, look through my eyes. Those who don’t know your soul and don’t recognize your worth won’t have any reason to give you mercy should a hair be out of place in your tone of voice or choice of words. Choose LIFE, to come home to us, over defending yourself from ignorance BY ignorance or antagonizing any hater with hate. 

Live to fight physical and psychological force with soul force. Educate yourselves on your rights and join and support an organization whose cause is your passion. Love conquers all!
Love the haters and move on. That’s true power and strength… And courage. They show you hate, and you disarm them with politeness, cooperation, and love… 
Then come home and watch the power of LOVE work. You must trust me on this. Your very life depends on it. I love you immensely!!
Soul Mom

Divine Defined Destiny

Divine Defined Destiny

Lately, it seems opportunities pass you by. You feel like you are in the slow lane with cars whizzing past. You worry that the deal that you thought closed fell through, and you walk away from the closing table with no check. You make reservations that seemed so solid, but now they have come into question. These emotions cause you to feel that you are losing, missing out, and they even create anxiety. Feeling disappointment when life offers the unexpected is a normal human emotion, but realize that you have not missed out on your destiny.

You may have a hard time grasping this reality when you are in the moment that I call The Pause. Everyone seems to be dancing forward, onward, and upward, and you are wiggling to the beat. Wiggling because that is all that one can do while stuck, both feet planted firmly in a sticky, magnetic spot. Here is where you have to, I repeat, HAVE TO stop looking down at your feet.

If you are planted firmly in one spot, now is the time to look around at the present.

Answer these questions:

  • What is currently in your life that you have not acknowledged or you have not developed into its full potential?
  • Who is in your life that has been sapping too much of your strength, someone who you feel like you should have let go long ago?
  • Where are your hands and what are they doing? Are they reaching, gathering, healing, hugging, drawing, creating, and praising?
  • Where is your head? What thoughts dominate your mind? What habits do you need to revise?
  • Can you turn to look at your recent past? Did you accidentally drop any lessons on that road that you need to pick up? If you don’t grab them now, you will be repeating that discomfort on the road ahead.
  • What do you see when you look up? Are you reminded of your smallness, that you are a part of a much bigger picture? Keep your ego in check so that you can revise your vision.

The Pause is Revision Time.

Pause periods are not delays, but necessary moments in your journey towards your destiny, a promise too important to rush carelessly towards. Your purpose is inextricably tied to the purpose of many others, who will need you to share all of the tools that you have acquired in TIME. We are all connected. Take this pause, reflect on the questions, find the answers, and be grateful for the process.

At the appointed time, at the end of the pause, your feet will be light, your spirit renewed, your life force increased. Your capacity to love, reason, understand, and communicate will have expanded, and you will realize that you have room for so much more joy in your heart. The first step you take will feel like flight.

Do not be weary. Use The Pause wisely. You have a divine, defined destiny that will not be derailed.

Soulbalm Says